Other Information

General information

1.Your layout (skin/template) may look differently on your home computer compared to your school computer. i.e. the colors may be slightly different, patterns may disappear, symbols "built-in" in the template may not show.

2. Be sure and check the SETTINGS for the time zone when you set up your blog. DST is not the default!

3. You are welcome to comment to the various Things in this Blog Library2Play, but you are not an official player until you post in and register YOUR own blog as outlined in Thing #4. You will receive an official welcome email to know that you are registered.

4. Be sure you understand the difference between a blog address:
http://[] and a blog title found in the header on the Page Elements screen.

5. Your Id within your blog (as opposed to the blog's id) appears at the end of each of your posts. You choose can be your real name, a made-up name or moniker, or even the same as your blog title.

6. You can change your blog's title; you can change your ID (who/what you are known as); you can NOT change your blog's address!
(Please try very hard not to change your Id or your blog's title for the duration of this activity. The Kickball captains will appreciate it!)


Behind the Scenes of Setting Up Your Blog PPT

My blog title is missing. How do I make it show?
1. Go to your dashboard and click on Layout.
2. If you do not have a long box that either has your title in it or the word "Header" then you need to click on Add a Page Element.
3. In Add a Page Element, select the Header. Your title may automatically show or you may need to type it thru the edit button.

I can't get my avatar into my blog.
Go into the Dashboard.
Click the Layout (used to be called template) tab.
Click on Add a Gadget. Use the picture gadget, the html form of the avatar no longer works in Blogger.

On the avatar screen, save your avatar a a jpeg file ( the most common and easiest to use picture file)

Here are some screen shots that should help with adding the avatar.

You can add any type of html code in this gadget & the gadget CAN be used more than once.

Ideas for the NEXT 23 things!


bessie5143 said...

I can't get my avatar into my blog.
Go into the Dashboard.
Click the Layout (used to be called template) tab.
Click on Page Element.
Select the one that says can give it a title or not (optional).
Copy the HTML code that was on the avatar home page (probably in a box.)
Be sure and save!

I don't have one that says HTML. It says HTML Edit which takes me to the script. I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

do I need to create a new blog? I already have a blog for school. I used it with my students 2 years ago. Would it be possible to just update it instead of creating a new one?

VWB said...

you can use that blog if you knw how to get to it...if you know the email address you used and remember the password!

librarian denise said...

My blog lists the wrong time for my posts. For example, it is currently 6:40pm. I just posted to my blog a few minutes ago, and it lists the post time as 4:21pm. Is there someplace where I can adjust the time, or time zone?