Graduates from 2008

This list includes all the blogs of the players who successfully completed the 23 Things in 2008.
1 Book, 2 Books, 3 Books sbl
2ndBH203 sb
A+ Recipes sb [no longer available]
Access Biology sb
Adventures in Learning sbl
After 4 Book Club sbl
Ailurophile, The sb
Alabama Librarian uhcl
Alex Rover Wannabe sb
Alice in Bloggerland uhcl
Allabasudden - Is That 1 Word or 2? sb [private blog now]
Angels Among Us sb
ARK's Classroom sb
Ask Scylla sb
Avatar Learning sb
Bean Counter Class sb
Bear Necessities
Believeinbooks's Weblog
Belle of Books sbl
Bend in the Road sb
Bennie's Best
Big Red sbl
Bioblogger sb
Biology Blogology sb
Bird Girl's Nest sb
Bits & Pieces sbl
BJ's Bubbles sb
bjsblog-jonesb5 sb
Blog a la Lundquist uhcl
Blogfog sb
Blogging -- Davis Style sb
Blue Eyes Blogging
Blues Goddess
Boogies Monster
Book Nook sbl
Book Soul sb
Book Train sbl
Bookaholics Can Learn Technology sb
Bookmark4Life uhcl
Books are Treasures
BookStar sbl
Bookworm Gardener sbl
Born to Travel sb
Bruce's 23 Things Project sb
Busy Librarian uhcl
California Dreamin' SB sb
Changing Brain, The
Check Out Books uhcl
Cladybug sb
Comfy Reading Corner sb
Confessions of Sally sb
Connected But Hasseled
Corner Spot sbl
Cutler's Music Mania sb
D-New sb
Danni's Blog sb
Daydreamsintechnicolor sb
Double Learner sb
Eager Reader
EMRs 23 Things Blog sb
Erin Dieter uhcl
Erin's Blog sb
Estie's Gifts and Treasures sb
Experimental Play sb
FJH Happenings uhcl
Fooling with Words sb
FrAsian LAT sb
Fun Sun Summer Learnin' sb
Fun with 23 Things sb
Garage Sale Goddess
Gator Bytes uhcl
Geo4All sb
Getting Started sb
Goal23 sb
GoForGoal uhcl
Gone Soon sbl
Got Books?
Greytpassion sb
Growing Readers sb
H. Carroll sb
Happy Harping sb
Have Job--Have Baby--Will Travel sb
Heather's Page sb
Her Journey sb
Hip Happenings in G102 sb
History Blabber sb
Honeybear's Hive sbl
Humble Realm of an Infogodess2B sbl
I Love Bibliophiles
I Luna sb
If I Must... sb
Importance of Thought sb
Infinite Planes sb
Info Mage
Information is Bliss sbl
Insert Blog Title Here sb
It's a Puzzle sb
It's All Relative sbl
It's Greek to Me sb
JHL sb
Jill's Talk sb
Journey to My Classroom
Jtravels sb
Julie's Blog sb
Jumping In
Just Another Day sb
Karen's Space sb
Kathy's Page sb
KD - SB sb
Keep On Keeping On sb
Kinder2:) sb
L'l Bit of This and That sbl
La Bibliotecaria Loca sbl
Land-marks sbl
Landrum Lit Wits sb
Learning 2.0 & the Wannabe Polyglot sb
Learning for Fun sb
Learning New Things [Invited readers only]
Learning New Things
Learning Technology Summer 2008 sb
Learningrocks uhcl
Lefty's Learning Library
Let's Get This Done sb
Let's Go Camping sb
Librarian and Mom sbl
Librarian on the Loose
Librarian Tour Guide sbl [no longer available]
Library Byte by Byte sbl
Library Jump sb
Life Long Learning sb
Life's a Garden...So Dig It!
Lily Pad Playground sbl
Lit's Blog sb
Live 2 Learn & Learn 2 Live sb
LiveSimple (formerly Ms. Frey) sb
Lost in Cyberspace sbl
Lover of Skippy John Jones and Olivia sb
Mama Libearian sbl
Marty's Library 2 Play sb
Math Class Memoirs sb
Math Time sb
Melody's Musings
MemoryKeeperMom uhcl
Middle School Family and Consumer Science sb
Mimi's Moments sbl
Misshicks Loves Kids uhcl
Mjablog sb
MJ's Blog sb
Mom's Life Lessons: Lipstick and Earrings sb
Monarch Book Blog
Moore Discovery
Mrs. McNabb's Library Blog uhcl
Mrs. Mental's Blog
Ms. Bojangles sb
Ms. Frazzled sbl
Mucholibro's Weblog
My 2 Cents sb
My 23 Things uhcl
My Blog sb
My First Blog sb
My Masters uhcl
Myska Blogs
Never Too Old to Learn
New Adventures uhcl
NMW-Live sb
No Fear sb
Not Just Another Pretty Place sbl
Of Life, Education, Ebay, Travel & Books sbl
Old Dog Learns New Tricks sb
Older But Wiser sb
One Crazy Teacher to Another... sb
One Dimensional? sb
Paddy Whack
PastWords sbl
Paula's Space sb
Pause & Ponder sb
Perchance uhcl
Playing w/Tech sb
Porter Library Blog
PreK Kittens sb
Project Libs Grad
QueenB sb
Quick Sand sb
Random Travels sb
Reading Thoughtfully
Ready to Read
Redsie's Musings sb
Reluctant Blogger sbl
Rhonda432 sb
Room to Move sb
Sara the Belles sb
Sarah's Stuff sb
SB-Math sb
Schaper Shoutout sb
School Blogger
Science Rocks sb
Sea of Books uhcl
Sheepish Blogger sbl
Shelf Life uhcl
Sixty and Still Special sb
SJ Thinker sb
Sleepingdogs2 sb
SLP Talk Time sb
Smartest Girl in the Room sb
Soaring Eagle uhcl
Stay Out of Debt sb [no longer available]
Sue's Scribbles sb
Summer of 23 Things, The uhcl
Summer Work sb
Summerdaze sb
SummerFun08 sb
Surrounded by 4 Walls sb
Susan's Blog
Swedish Chef is Norwegian, The sb
Tamuk sbl
Tatesblog sb
Teacher KA-blog sb
Teacher Mommy
Teacher Style sb
Teacher Times sb
Teacher's Garden, A sb
TeacherPreacherScreecher sb
Tech 101 sb
Tech Goddess sb
Tech Snapshots sb
Tech Talk sb
Techmaniac In Training
Technochallenged uhcl
Tex Teacher's Thoughts sb
Texan To a Tea
Texas Book Worm sb
Texas Gal Talks sb
Texas Library Lady
Texas Techie's Blog sb
Thing 1 and Thing 23
Tiger Talk sbl
Tigger on Mars sb
Timely Thoughts on This & That sb
Today sb
Trivial Pursuit sb
Tuesday's Child sb
TxLibraryGirl Talks
Unlimited-ism, ...New Element of Life sb
Unraveling-ThreadsofLife sb
VaughnL sb
We're Almost There sb
Web 2.0 Skills Learner
Web Walks sb
What's It All About sb
What's New with Media
Wife, 2 Kids, and a Summer, A sb
Wizard of Blog - Stasia, The sb
Wonder Weiss's Wisdom sb
Words of Wisdom from Judy B. sb
Working mom sb
World Traveler uhcl
Writing from the Woods sb
Writing with Bubbles