Thing #19: Web 2.0 Awards List

There are about 500 2.0 tools on the web. You have explored just a few so far thorough this series of activities. These collaborative, social networking, and information tools cover so many different aspects of using the web that we want you to have the opportunity to pick one from a list of proven winners and explore it.

Discovery Activity:
1.Explore any site from the Web 2.0 awards list and play with it.
The awards are listed by name OR are arranged by subject groups. A handful are not free, so be on the look-out!

2. Write a blog post for Thing #19 about your findings. Consider these questions when organizing your thoughts. What is special about the tool? What are its useful parts, especially with regards to Libraries and school? How might you use this tool in your own setting?

So many wonderful 2.0 resources...SO little time! Have fun with the one you choose!

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