Thing #11: LibraryThing

Are you a book lover...with piles covering all the flat surfaces in your world? Do you like order in your life...even with your personal items? Do you like to share books with others...would you like to discuss books with others who share the same passions as you do?

Then LibraryThing is for you! Over 500,000 book lovers and over 300 million titles (and the pertinent info about the books...need info for a new book that needs to be added to the system?)

Background information:
1. Take the tour.
2. Go thru the very short introduction.
3. Listen to the podcast. (The stats are old...the ones above in this post are current and LibraryThing is almost 3 yrs old now.)
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Discovery Activities:
1. Create an account. It is super simple!
2. Add at least 5 titles to your list.
3. On your blog, write a Thing #11 post about your experience with LibraryThing. How do you think it could be useful to you in your situation? Did you check out any of the groups? Did you find a group of users that share your interests?

Want to keep up with new things about and issues with LibraryThing? Follow the blog. (Or better yet...add the blog link to your RSS reader!)

Just for fun...a skit about LibraryThing


LJLee said...

The Podcast wasn't working. Any suggestions?

Mrs. Cardon said...

Still not working today. The short introduction was good though.

Charlotte Charles said...

THANK YOU! I will really enjoy using this site. I could spend literally hours adding books and even more hours checking out the reading lists of others, but I must press on. On a purely personal level, this is one of the most meaningful and useful websites I have ever found.