Thing #2: Pointers from Life Long Learners

The mission of the SBISD Libraries is "Helping Students become Independent, Information - literate, Lifelong Learners!" Because you are reading this and choosing to participate in this series of activities already says you are most likely a life-long learner, but it does not hurt to review some thoughts regarding what constitutes a life-long learner.

7 & 1/2 Habits reviews several key points of life-long learning and the variety of learning involved. You may recognize that the tutorial is loosely arranged on the format of the the widely-acclaimed 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

Discovery Exercise:
1. Make sure you have headphones or speakers attached to your computer.
2. Open up the 7 & 1/2 Habits online tutorial and watch the online tutorial. The tutorial was developed by the training specialists at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.
3. As you watch and listen, write down which habit among the 7 & 1/2 that is easiest for you and which is hardest.
4. Instead of the link included at the end of the tutorial, you will use your personal blog (which you will set up in Thing #3) to post your thoughts about lifelong learning as "Thing #2".

Have fun!

P.S. Please write a separate post for EACH Thing.


Anonymous said...

The easiest for me is Habit 7 since
I love to teach and mentor. I am energized when I am teaching and love reflecting on what I did and other ways of getting "the message across" more effectively.

The hardest would be Habit 6 - putting the toolbox together requires lots of time and determination.

Anonymous said...

I find interesting that the first 3 habits talk about personal attributes that are under our control, but the last habits of the list are more related to planning and how our work will be related to others.

Diane Evans said...

Re: Thing #2 -- I have more experience with "Accept responsibility for your own learning." As a computer applications teacher, I have had to do this nearly every year with new technology, new versions of programs, new classes to teach with computer programs I have never used. It is a rarity when I am not updating my courses with one or all of the above.